Risk warning

Prior to making any investment investors should consult their independent financial advisor. The following discussion of investment risks is not intended to be exhaustive or inclusive. Other risks besides those discussed here may be inherent in any investment.

You May Lose All or Part of Your Investment

None of the investments presented on this website are guaranteed. SymVest cannot guarantee or assure your investment. You may lose part or all of your principal invested.

There may be high default rates among peer to peer loans and this can cause investors to lose part or all of their principal.

There is a high failure rate among startup and early stage companies. They might not be well capitalised enough to succeed, they may not be successful developing their business plans, they might not be able to compete due to their small size. They might not achieve their business plans and goals. Poor corporate governance or poor decisions by management can cause businesses to fail.

The financial failure of a peer to peer lending platform can cause you to lose money if the platform has not adequate arrangements to ensure administration and servicing of loans.

Your Investment Might Not Be Liquid

You might not be able to liquidate or otherwise realise cash from your investment for the foreseeable future. Peer to peer loans might have to be restructured, leading to delays in repayment of principal and interest. Startup and early stage companies might develop slowly and may not be able to identify potential buyers or new investors that would enable an exit for the early investors.

The investments presented on this website are generally not publicly traded. They are not registered for trading on a public market, they are not registered for public sale. There may be restrictions that prevent you from selling or transferring your investment.

In the case of investment funds, there may be restrictions on your ability to withdraw or redeem your capital until the investments mature or the investment manager sells investments. Penalties and charges may occur if you withdraw or redeem your investment prematurely.

Economic Downturn and Market Volatility

Economic downturns and general market volatility can negatively impact the value of investments. Startup and early stage companies are particularly vulnerable to economic downturns. Borrowers might not be able to repay their loans and may default on their obligations.

You might incur losses due to adverse impact of exchange rates between the currencies in which your investments are denominated versus the currency of your original investment. Hedging techniques might not be successful or it might be possible to fully hedge away the risk of currency fluctuations.

Terrorist acts, wars, political instability and natural disasters can create disruptions in global markets that can adversely impact the value of your investments.

Market Risk

Investments in fixed income investments are subject to credit risk, liquidity risk and interest rate risk. Credit risk means the borrower might not repay a loan in full. If enough borrowers fail to repay their loans you can suffer losses of capital. If interest rates rise after you invest the purchasing power of your capital may decline. You might not be able to benefit from higher interest rates until your existing investments pay principal and interest.

Correlation to Other Investments

The can be no assurance that investments in early stage companies or peer to peer loans will have a low correlations to a traditional securities portfolio.

Changes in Law and Regulations

Changes in laws and regulations can adversely impact your investments.

Risks of Managed Investments

Investment managers off no guarantee or assurance as to investment performance. The investment manager might not enough good investments opportunities or might not be able to diversify the investment portfolio. The investment manager may fail to identify good investments or may select bad investments. Where power to make decisions is vested in the hands of an investment manager your rights to exercise control over your investments may be limited.

Investment Accounting and Taxation

It may be difficult to accurately place a value on the your investments for accounting and tax purposes. Changes in tax rates can adversely impact the amount of your after-tax profits. You might not be able to use investment losses to offset or reduce tax payable on investment or type of income.

Regulatory and Legal Protections

The investments presented on this website are not approved by any regulator. The investments are not registered for sale on the basis of public offer. Your investment agreement might not be subject to the laws of the country in which you live. You might not be able to benefit from the protections normally available to investors in the country where you reside. Your rights to seek damages in case of losses may be limited only to those cases where the investment manager another party servicing your investment has committed fraud or been grossly negligent.

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Investing in Peer to Peer loans and startup and early stage companies involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. The Investments presented in this website are suitable only for investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. For further information see our discussion of investment risks.